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My cousin, Natalie, and I grew up like sisters.  Not only is she my family, she’s also my god-sister, my old roommate, and one of my closest friends.  When she called me and told me she was expecting, I couldn’t wait to start planning a baby shower for her baby girl, Emilia Rose!

Now, when you’re hosting a baby shower, or any event for that matter, for someone so close to you, it can’t just be a quick stop in the baby shower aisle in Party City.  You have to put thought and time into it and make sure you’re thinking about what the mom-to-be would want, and not just your own ideal shower.  Natalie’s personal decorating style is a mix of romantic and vintage: think lace, flowers, and natural decorating pieces; so I used that style to give her an intimate, outdoor brunch.

I’m fortunate enough to have my mom’s crafty gene and a lot of the pieces from the shower were handmade.

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Before you take on making your own lace invitations with twine and laser cut wood accents, let me forewarn you, lace is not an inexpensive fabric.  Lace alone for 10 invitations was just over $40.  There are so many templates for printing invitations online that have the same look as lace if you’re looking for a less expensive option but still want it to have this vintage appearance.  Paper lace invitations are also available at most craft stores as another alternative.  If you do decide to go with real lace, make sure you use a fabric glue to adhere it, hot glue just won’t work.

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The table

I went with renting furniture so we had a 12 foot table and white resin chairs.  For the place settings, I ended up purchasing different sets from several vintage boutiques around the area and mixing them around the table so each person would have a unique set that still matched the table as a whole.  Having them each still with gold trim and floral prints kept the table uniform but gave it a more romantic feeling.  The tall candlesticks were actually lamps that I took apart and re-purposed giving the table a vintage chic-touch.  The centerpiece is my absolute favorite piece.  It was built using 2×6 wooden slabs with green floral foam inside so the letters and flowers would show over the wood.  The letters “EMILIA” were covered in moss and skewered to the floral foam.  Then the foam was covered with Spanish moss so it and the skewers wouldn’t show and surrounded with roses, ivy, and using baby’s breath as the accent.  Instead of using a traditional tablecloth or renting a basic one, I purchased 14 feet of lace from a local fabric store to bring it all together.

Brunch is one of Natalie’s favorites, so that’s what we had.  Bagels, mini pancakes, french toast, assorted fruits, yogurt parfaits, and, of course, virgin mimosas.  The silver serving trays were also found at local vintage and glassware shops.  When you’re serving food, think about the mom-to-be and her cravings and things that maybe she can’t stomach during the pregnancy.  How awful if you decide to serve sausage and the smell of it makes her nauseous right now!  Don’t be afraid to ask, it’s better than having a sick guest of honor!

There were toasts, laughter, tears, games and stories of when we were all growing up.  It was a beautiful day and my gorgeous cousin was absolutely glowing.  We had two incredible photographers there capturing the memories and candid moments so she and the rest of us can remember this day as we watch Emilia grow into a girl as special and stunning as her mom.

I couldn’t have done this without the help of my mom, my sister, and of course, the invaluable input of my aunt, Natalie’s mom.  It takes a village and from her baby shower until forever, baby Emilia will have a village of family there to support her.

Be INSPIRED, Darlings.



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    Wife Talk
    May 18, 2016 at 5:54 pm

    What a beautiful shower! I am so impressed with how much thought and work you put into it. She is so lucky to have you. Beautiful table!

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