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Countdown with me: 81 days. 81 days 6 hours. 81 days 6 hours 47 minutes (and counting) until SUMMER! Contrary to my typical procrastination ways, I’m getting a head start on my summer body prep this year and there’s no better way to feel motivated to get fit than to do it in style with CHRLDR.


        As a college student, my second skin is activewear (it just comes with the territory), and I’m not complaining.


There’s something about a chic set that always motivates me and puts me in that workout zone. One of my favorite looks is the matching “BYE FELICIA” sports bra and fluorescent pink bottoms by CHRLDR. I love wearing matching sets when I hit the gym (to look like I actually have my life together?) and add more of a streamlined silhouette to my frame.







Nicole added brighter hues to her workout collection with their “CHAMP” electric blue leggings and matching racerback sports bra.




CHRLDR has a gallery full of chic prints (hello-black marble), along with witty quotes across their athletic wear, tees, swimwear and more that make working out more of an ease because you do it in style. You can shop both of our sets directly below and SAVE 10% OFF your purchase (yayayay for discount codes) with “PRIVATE10” when you checkout!  Their clothes are also extremely comfortable so you’re set for anything from airport looks, at home workouts, to extreme training sessions. With CHRLDR, you never have to worry about the fit or a lack of support in the clothing, so you get to focus on the main part: yourself and your progress.


with love, xoxo




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