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Summer Hair Care with Sassoon Salon

- Beauty, Collaborators

    With everyone ditching the hair ties and letting their hair flow loose in the summer, it’s super important to make sure we’re keeping our hair healthy and happy. Sun exposure and pollution strip your hair of essential oils, leaving hair brittle and dehydrated. Naturally radiant and silky hair is something we all strive for, and achieving it may not be as hard as you think. The experts at Sassoon Salon can be your saving grace.   For the past…

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Curly Hair Talk- My Daily Routine

- Beauty

Like most curly-haired girls, I grew up hating my thick curls and envying the girls with the straight hair that could run their fingers through it- (my life goal). It wasn’t until I learned how to properly take care of my curls and find the perfect products that I learned to love them! All together my routine takes roughly 20-25 minutes factoring in and out of the shower styling. I’ve experimented with techniques and products over the years and have found…

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